Voices from Our Community

While so much of the Emerald City Music experience comes from the high-caliber musicianship and unique casual environment, the heart of Emerald City Music is our community. Our dream is to make classical music the meeting place for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and experience something amazing. Whether you are a classical music aficionado or total novice, you have a home at Emerald City Music. And we're certain that you'll connect with others who are just like you!

Periodically, we'll be sharing quotes from our audience members to give you a preview into the heart of Emerald City Music: this amazing community!

Following the fiery debut of the Dover Quartet in Seattle & Olympia, we reached out to our community, asking them to share their concert experience with us! Check out what people are saying:

"When was the last time you were submerged in classical music? If you are like me, the answer is simple: never. Intrigued, I grabbed my camera, threw on a bright orange skirt, and headed into the light sprinkle of Seattle rain to experience an Emerald City Music concert for myself. And I am so glad I did. Beethoven was no longer the name of an old dead classical musician relevant only to the upper crust but a kind of punk rocker from long ago. He felt the things that inspire artists, he took chances, and he created a story I needed in my life."

"It was like Beethoven was just shredding on the violin... I didn't know classical music could do that!"

"Andrew and Kristin have an amazing vision with Emerald City Music, and I think we should all take note and get behind it!"

"One thing I really enjoyed about the experience was that the movements being played were projected onto a screen behind the performers, AND they also introduced each piece and gave us all – even those with a bit of knowledge – something to look for in the performance. Loved that!"

"Walking through the doors into the performance space, seeing the in-the-round setup, I started smiling really big. So exciting to be that close to the music! Emerald City Music is really on to something here...."

"Emerald City Music has put together a really fun experience with the music at the center of it all... literally."

"Really love this space for Emerald City Music. What a great, intimate venue to see these amazing musicians."

"Definitely not a bad seat in the house! Emerald City Music is definitely on to a FAB thing here presenting world class musicians in such an intimate venue. Looking forward to being able to see more in this season's lineup."

"After THAT, my newest Bae is Beethoven. Thanks, Emerald City Music! The Dover Quartet was amazing!"

"I wanted to express my appreciation and congratulations at how marvelous Friday night's concert was with the Dover Quartet! It was an absolutely beautiful designed and welcoming environment with great energy and lovely people, not to mention the extraordinarily powerful experience of Beethoven up-close and personal. I am so very excited for the rest of the series and continue to share news of this organization with friends!"

"It was a beautiful performance. I love what you guys are brings to Seattle. As a chamber music fan, I think that what you are doing is very exciting and such a fresh addition to the Seattle cultural scene...  :) I am looking forward to the rest of your season."

"You guys absolutely nailed it... once again! Bravo, and we'll be back!"

"I was moved to tears by this music... The Dover Quartet played Beethoven's op. 130 so beautifully."

An impressive musical experience! The venue was terrific - you could really feel the power of the music. And the sheer talent of quartet is, as a classically trained musician whom I met said, "world-class"! Thanks for this event!

The end of the Razumovsky quartet op. 59 no. 3, and the Grosse Fuge, had my heart pounding and my palms sweating as if I were about to walk into the Seattle symphony audition!

"What a memorable experience!"

Thank you, all, for sharing your concert experience with us! We're so thrilled that you felt such a strong connection to the music, the community, and the experience. See you next time!

Tell us about YOUR Emerald City Music concert experience! Tweet us (@EmeraldCtyMusic) or use the hashtag #EmeraldCityMusic and we'll feature you in an upcoming blog post! You can also email comments to andrew@emeraldcitymusic.org.