Love Notes from the Audience

While so much of the Emerald City Music experience comes from the high-caliber musicianship and unique casual environment, the heart of Emerald City Music is our community. Our dream is to make classical music the meeting place for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and experience something amazing. Whether you are a classical music aficionado or total novice, you have a home at Emerald City Music. And we're certain that you'll connect with others who are just like you!

Periodically, we'll be sharing quotes from our audience members to give you a preview into the heart of Emerald City Music: this amazing community!

"I almost forgot how emotionally lifted and charged live music can make me feel. Kristin, Tara, Jay, Conor, and Michael reopened my eyes, ears, and heart last night in an up-close and intimate performance of Debussy, Ravel, Dutilleux, Ades, and Britten. Thank you, Emerald City Music for creating this series and for fostering an open, welcome, community-oriented atmosphere. I can't wait for the next show!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience that Emerald City Music brings to Seattle. It's a very different chamber music experience yet it's most definitely not a novelty. The music is world class and the space is very intimate, and there's a very community-oriented vibe all around. I loved the music, the thoughtfulness behind each program, being able to meet the amazing musicians, and to share a musical experience with a community of people. Keep doing what you do, ECM!"

"Emerald City was astoundingly exciting. Kristin's Britten premiere totally surprised me as an astounding organic growing being. Each performer; Kristin Lee, Jay Campbell, Tara O'Connor, Michael Mizrahi, and Conor Hanick graced Seattle with world class drama. These productions spoil me for any other chamber music venues."


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