Hack Your Way into 2017

The end of the year has arrived, and among the nostalgic reflecting on 2016 – certainly a big year to reflect on – it's time to consider an important question: how do I hack my way into 2017?

You see, there's plenty of hacking to do before 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2016, so we thought we'd compile a short checklist of year-end hacks so you can win big in 2017.



December 31, 2016 is your last chance to give your hard-earned money to a charity instead of Uncle Sam. Making a donation gets you tax-deduction on your 2016 taxes, and can be a big help. Let's break that down:

tax-de·duct·i·ble  –  adjective
     1. able to be deducted from taxable income when calculating income tax.

So when you give, say, $250 to Emerald City Music's ongoing Fall fund-drive, you get to claim a sweet $250 on your taxes as a charitable contribution. The bigger the donation, the bigger the deduction!

And nothing screams "I win, 2017" like giving your dollars to awesome classical music instead of paying taxes.



Want to hear United Airlines' iconic "Rhapsody in Blue" safety video more often in 2017? Using a travel credit card more at year-end can help bump you up to that next status for 2017! And there's no better way to rack up some series airline miles than by making an online donation to a charity (say, for instance, Emerald City Music's Fall fund-drive! Hmmm... see a theme, yet?)



We all make resolutions for January 1st, but by February they've been abandoned for the latest Netflix binge. Why not secure your resolution – make a promise to meet more people, explore classical music, learn to play an instrument; and grab your ticket to Emerald City Music's February concerts (DETAILS HERE) to keep you on track. Future you wouldn't want a perfect ticket to go to waste, right? 

Better yet... when you donate this month to Emerald City Music's Fall fund-drive, you can take advantage of all sorts of fun donor benefits, like free tickets, laptop stickers, and more. 



Support Emerald City Music this December!

Since its inception two years ago, Emerald City Music's ambitious dream of casual and community-centered chamber music has become reality with six incredible Fall performances in South Lake Union, Tacoma, and Olympia. And now we need your help to keep this unique endeavor going! Without your financial support, we won't be able to continue our signature concert experiences in the spring. 

Help us achieve our community goal of $97,000 by December 31st! If you have already donated, thank you for your trust and belief in ECM's mission. Your donation, big or small, makes a profound difference.

Donate online at www.emeraldcitymusic.org/donate