Here's What's Next, and How You Can Help!

In February 2016, Kristin Lee and Andrew Goldstein – co-founders of Emerald City Music – announced Emerald City Music's first season of concerts, which start in September 2016. In the meantime, they are on a mission to build a new audience of classical music lovers in the Puget Sound region. The following is a blog from Andrew about what Emerald City Music's current needs are, and how you can help.

The most delightful – and often challenging – thing about working for a nonprofit is that nothing happens without help from our community. It's you, our wonderful community, that make the music come to life. And there are plenty of ways to get involved this summer.

Here's what's coming up for Emerald City Music, and how you can help:


Want to see behind-the-scenes of Emerald City Music? Consider volunteering at an event or on an ongoing basis:

– July 11-16: Event greeters; help be the smiling face of Emerald City Music! We are looking for event greeters/ushers for nine (afternoon or evening) events during the week of July 11-16. Contact Andrew to learn more:

– Flexible time: Community Volunteer; help keep things running in our remote office. Tasks include community building, research, and more. Contact Andrew to learn more:


Your financial investment in our first season makes it possible for us to bring 45 musicians from around the world to the Pacific Northwest. We appreciate each and every donation – large or small! Below are the specific financial needs for which we're seeking support:

- $500 (or up) supports 45 musicians visiting the Puget Sound during our first season. Contributors receive an invitation to our special private performances in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Olympia during the week of July 11. We have a total need of $135,000, and every dollar is greatly appreciated! Donate today and make a difference!

During the week of July 11-16, Emerald City Music is hosting nine events to build excitement around our first concert season. Help fund these events:

$850 brings one musician to Seattle for the July 11 activities, including five outreach performances and four evening fundraising events. We need donors to sponsor two musicians (total need of $1,700).
– $1,500 funds a new donor event in New York City, including live music and catering. This event will raise more funds for young and emerging artists visiting Emerald City Music in the first season. Turn your investment into a much bigger impact!

In addition to outreach and fundraising activities, we are beginning a large scale awareness campaign. The idea is to make a huge visual impact throughout the Puget Sound, announcing Emerald City Music's first season. Here's what's involved:

– $100 launches a social media campaign around the idea "Why Classical?" We are asking our community to share why they love music, posting their own photos and videos.
– $215 hangs an Emerald City Music banner in downtown Olympia for two weeks in September.
– $450 distributes 500 season posters throughout Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. 

We are grateful for each and every donation we receive. Together, as a community of music-lovers, we're igniting the presence of classical music here in the Puget Sound. 

Check out our donor benefits here.

Donate today!

Other (Totally Free) Ways to Help

Support Emerald City Music in your day-to-day life, at no cost to you. Shop Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate 1% of your online purchase to Emerald City Music. Also, set your web browser homepage to Welzoo, and every time you go online they donate to Emerald City Music! 

Finally, we are only able to accomplish our mission through community. Please consider sharing Emerald City Music with your family, friends, and workplace colleagues.

With sincerest thanks for your ongoing support,

Andrew Goldstein & Kristin Lee
Co-founders, Emerald City Music