A special message from co-founders Kristin Lee and Andrew Goldstein:

A special message from co-founders Kristin Lee and Andrew Goldstein:

In March, we announced our spring fundraising goal of $60,000. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we are already more than half way to reaching this goal! We have four weeks left, and would like to ask for your support to push us over this goal today.

When we started Emerald City Music just over a year ago, we wanted to provide a fresh experience of classical music. In less than a year, we’ve already seen this dream blossom into reality:

"I've never heard classical music live before, and now I'll never stop looking for performances to go to. This was profound!" – Dan, Seattle

"What a great concert! I was moved to tears... the emotion that flowed out of the performance just overwhelmed me. Thanks for setting up this new concert series!" – Mark, Olympia

As young people who ourselves live and breathe classical music, we are so thrilled that the creation of a place where art and audience collide has meant that more people have been able to discover this life-changing music for the first time - and to become part of this community of music lovers themselves. And that’s just the beginning of our story!  

In a huge vote of confidence in Emerald City Music, we have been gifted the world premiere of a new composition written by John Luther Adams, entitled, “...there is no one, not even the wind,” to be performed in our Seattle and Olympia venues in September 2017. Adams’ “Become Ocean,” premiered by the Seattle Symphony, won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Music and the 2015 Grammy Award for Best Classical Contemporary Composition. So for Emerald City Music to be offered this exciting opportunity by the five artistic partners on this project – including New York’s prestigious Lincoln Center – is an honor indeed!

None of this can happen without financial support from you and others like you, however. Simply put, the ongoing generosity of people like you – people who have experienced first hand the magic that is happening at Emerald City Music – is what makes it possible for us to continue our mission, and to accept this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So we ask, will you make a difference today? If so, simply donate online at or mail a check to: Emerald City Music, PO Box 31917, Seattle, WA 98103. Your gift may be all it takes to push us over this $60,000 goal today.



From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.