Emerald City Music is fiercely committed to bringing live classical music experiences from our stages into the communities we serve. From school touring programs to free community performances, there's no limit to where you might encounter chamber music in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2017-2018, Emerald City Music's community programming brought classical music to over 15,000 people through over 60 events, creating lasting impressions:

"My student has had a lot of issues with acting out, and we've struggled to connect with him. Seeing him interact with the musicians was the first time I got a glimpse at the 'real him'. This work is so important to kids developing understanding of themselves and the world around them." – Grade School Teacher


In Schools

Launched in Spring 2017, Emerald City Music has brought dozens of classical music experiences to K-12 schools in the Puget Sound. To date, this program has served over 4,500 students with special support from the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound. 


In Workplaces

A hallmark of Emerald City Music's community outreach has been bringing live performances into workplaces throughout the Puget Sound region. To date these events have occurred at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, WeWork, and countless more, bringing classical music to over 2,500 listeners.


In Communities

From lectures and workshops to masterclasses and live performances, Emerald City Music has hosted dozens of free community events at libraries, colleges, public parks, retirement centers, and more. 

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