Emerald City Music was inspired by Seattle arts administrator Andrew Goldstein and Avery Fischer Career Grant winner violinist Kristin Lee. The duo dreamt of bringing world-class chamber music to the Puget Sound year-round, growing the region's already vibrant musical roots. Mr. Goldstein and Ms. Lee are two of the industry’s most notable young leaders, and have worked around the globe to bring chamber music to new audiences. Through performances (starting September 2016) and educational programs, they seek to expand the presence of chamber music throughout the Puget Sound.

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Meet the Team


Van Lang Pham, Secretary (Seattle, WA)
Nick Vann, Treasurer (Olympia, WA)
Cecily Carver (Seattle, WA)
Nancy R. Connery (Olympia, WA)
Misha Dhar (Seattle, WA)
Helen Lafferty (Seattle, WA)
John Robinson  (Seattle, WA)
Donald Yeh (New York, NY)

Advisory and Honorary
Kristin Durie (Seattle, WA)
Paul Gridley (New York, NY)


Kristin Lee, Artistic Director

Andrew Goldstein, Executive Director


Jack Wilbourne, Fall Intern