Haas’s terrifying string quartet performed in pitch-black darkness.
Halloween weekend: November 1 & 2


“The beacon for the casual-classical
movement…” – CityArts

Bold, eclectic, and social classical music experiences
in Seattle, Olympia & Bellingham, WA.

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Our team of designers and musicians have joined forces to reimagine the classical music experience in Seattle's South Lake Union and Olympia, WA. For four straight years, 45 of the world's top tier musicians convene on our stages to share an eclectic, hand-crafted selection of classical tunes. Come hang out with us and experience it for yourself. 

“Damn. I’ve played in world’s best concert halls and NEVER felt an audience as alive as at Emerald City.” – ECM Musician


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Single-handedly raising the profile of music in Seattle.
— ECM Audience Member
“Classical series goes coffee house where ‘art and music collide’: There isn’t much separating the musicians and the audience.”
— The Seattle TImes
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