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When we’re not on stage, we’re out in your community bringing classical music directly to listeners. From our retirement home performances to masterclasses, there’s no limit to the many ways our touring artists get plugged in locally!

Retirement Homes

At the core of Emerald City Music’s outreach is bringing music directly to listeners. Every year, we partner with communities like Skyline Retirement, Mirabella Retirement, and Panorama Retirement to bring chamber music directly to residents, helping especially to uplift those who are homebound or quarantined during this time of pandemic.


Emerald City Music collaborates with the region’s educational institutions to provide masterclasses and workshops for young and emerging music students. Past collaborations have brought these engagements to  South Puget Sound Community College Music Department,  R.L. Ray Violin Shop in Olympia, WA, the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, and more.

Public Schools

"Bringing Hope to Students During Pandemic" | Emerald City Music

Video: Students of the Tumwater School District experience Emerald City Music's composition workshop in Fall 2020.

During the pandemic, Emerald City Music broadened our education efforts by hosting digital composition workshops for 4th and 5th-grade students.

Hosted by Teaching Artist and Composer Brad Balliett (of Carnegie Hall’s Decoda ensemble) these weekly virtual sessions guide students into the knowledge of classical instruments and the elements of a composition. Students work alongside Balliett to piece together a composition using each of these instruments, experiencing live demonstrations by local musicians along their journey. At the cap of the workshop, the students have their work presented live on Emerald City Music’s stage.

Photo: Emerald City Music performing at Amazon Corporate Headquarters.

Did you know that Emerald City Music visits workplaces to bring classical music to large groups of tech employees in the region? We’ve partnered with South Lake Union workplaces like Facebook, Google, Amazon, WeWork, and more to bring amazing music to people during their workday. Want to invite us to your office? Get in touch!

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Photo: Emerald City Music performing at Amazon Corporate Headquarters.


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